Metal roofing is becoming an increasingly popular roofing option throughout the United States. This article provides an overview of everything you need to know about metal roofs. Whether you may be constructing a new house and have not yet determined what roof is ideal or it’s time for a new roof, we’ll answer all your questions.

The Advantages Of A Metal Roof

Metal roofs are becoming more popular among homes in the Midwest, if not the whole nation. 

Some of the advantages include:

Aesthetically Appealing

For many years, this type of roofing was not popular. Many disliked metal roofs because they discolor or rust, making a house seem untidy and ancient.

However, thanks to significant advancements in construction and building materials, they may even be made to appear like conventional asphalt or ceramic shingles. The best part is that they no longer corrode or discolor as they age. With new protective metal coatings, your roof will remain aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

Environmentally Friendly

Nowadays, homeowners are more environmentally conscious than ever before. People value energy-saving appliances and amenities in the house and are constantly searching for methods to reduce their carbon impact. Metal roofs are usually constructed of a mix of metals, such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and tin, most of which are recycled and recyclable. Choosing a metal roof means opting for a roof that is recyclable and ecologically beneficial.

 Everything You Need To Know About Metal Roofing

Energy Efficiency

A new metal roof can reduce your energy costs by 10 to 25 percent on average. Rather than absorbing the sun’s rays like asphalt shingles, metal roofs reflect them, diverting the heat from the roof and house. Therefore, metal roofs can be up to 100° cooler than asphalt roofs on the surface.

Extremely Long-Lasting

Metal roofing is one of the most long-lasting and sturdy roofing materials available today. Homeowners can expect this type of roof to last anywhere from 40 to 70 years, qualifying them as low-maintenance!

While you can choose to have your roof re-coated every few years to shield it from UV radiation, that is the limit of metal roofing upkeep. You won’t have to worry about shingles curling or falling off, either. Most metal roofs are placed in sheets to prevent this issue from occurring.

Ideal For Winter

Metal roofs are slippery. This enables precipitation, particularly snow, to come off easily instead of accumulating. That is a huge considering for houses in snowy areas. There is no need to be concerned about ice dams or heavy snow piling up and adding additional weight to the house’s structure since the snow slides straight off your metal roof.

No Removal Required

Another advantage of metal roofs is that they may be placed over existing asphalt roofs, frequently overlooked. Due to the lightweight of metal roofing materials, tearing off the old roof before installing the new metal roof is not usually required. This may help you save money and time on your re-roofing job.


The initial expense is the most common reason for homeowners to decide against installing one. Why can it be more expensive? Well, installing this type of roof for both residential roofing or commercial roofing reasons is more expensive for two reasons: the components are of better quality than asphalt. Thus, they often cost more. And, unfortunately not every roofer understands how to properly install a metal roof, so you may end up spending a bit more on additional labor, too.

However, throughout the life of the roof, the increased upfront cost will be mitigated by the longer life and energy savings that a metal roof may offer. You will not have to worry about regular maintenance like shingles coming off or curling over time, and a metal roof will typically last two to three times as long as an asphalt roof. In essence, you are comparing the costs of constructing and maintaining two asphalt roofs with the cost of building and maintaining one new metal roof.

Easily Installed

Metal shingles can be installed on a roof deck by a homeowner with excellent skills. It is essential to avoid stepping on the shingles since they are delicate and dent quickly. As a result, you will need to plan the work more thoroughly than you would for traditional roofing, and scaffolding and other safety equipment may be required.

When it comes to installing raised seam metal panels, planning is much more essential. Precision is required while measuring and cutting the panels to the proper proportions. Furthermore, following the specified methods for joining and securing the panels is critical—failure to do so properly may result in the roof leaking. Therefore, it is advisable to leave metal roofing installation to professionals like Modern Roof co. with the necessary equipment and expertise to perform their job.

Everything You Need To Know About Metal Roofing

There Are Many Different Options

Metal roofing offers more options than any other roofing material in terms of colors, textures, materials, profiles, and finishes. 

There are slate-like metal roofs and asphalt-shingle-like metal roofs. There are also high-end metal roofing choices composed of luxury materials like copper and stainless steel. The significance of this is that a beautiful metal roof has a good possibility of complementing the design of any given structure while also improving its value and performance over time. Having many options is always a good thing!

Install Your New Roof Today!

The roof is arguably the most important part of any home. It provides protection and safety. Thus, determine which type of roof to replace or upgrade to, can be overwhelming. With so many misconceptions out there, many homeowners can become distressed quickly. But, there is no need for the extra stress!

As are professional roofers, we are be glad to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today and learn more about what we can do for your roof. 


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