Your roof is probably your most effective line of protection against severe winter weather. It is in charge of safeguarding your house. So, before the cold season comes, double-check that your roof is up to the job.

It is a good idea to get your roof inspected in the fall to make sure it is in excellent shape before winter restricts your repair options.

It is preferable to do this inspection after you have cleaned out your gutters for the autumn season so that any issues are easier to notice. To check and maintain your roof, you should hire a professional. We will show you how to protect your roof from winter damages.

Protecting Your Roof During Winter

If you discover that your roof requires repairs or replacement, it is critical to complete roof repairs before the winter weather comes. Before the snow comes, there is a lot to accomplish. Here’s how to get your roof ready for the winter.

Perform Gutter and Roof Cleaning In The Fall

Autumn brings falling leaves to Canada and the northern United States. These are lovely, but they may get stuck in your gutters. It is critical to tidy up once the bulk of the leaves have fallen.

It is also a good idea to keep a lookout for indications of animal infestations while cleaning out your gutters before winter. Squirrels, raccoons, birds, bees, bats, wasps, and hornets are all known to make their homes on roofs. You may want to hire a pest control professional to remove any active animals for safety concerns.

Also, keep in mind that indications of animal infestation may be too high up for your ladder to view or reach. During your winter roof inspection, your roofing expert will search for signs of animals living beneath your roof or in your attic.

If you are tired of cleaning your gutters every year before the winter season, consider installing gutter guards if you have not already. They do not impact the performance of your roof, but they do keep leaves out of the gutters.

How To Protect Your Roof in Winter

Roof Inspection Before Winter

Roof leaks are annoying, yet few people know that frequent inspections may help avoid roof leaks. It is a good idea to have your roof inspected in the spring so that any issues may be identified and repaired before the rainy season arrives.

A winter roof inspection is also a good idea to spot minor problems that may turn into leaks if not addressed. Regular inspections are a wise investment that may save you money on repairs and premature roof replacement.

It is critical to address any issues with your roof before the cold season comes. Roofs may be repaired and erected in the winter, but it is more difficult for the roofing contractor and more inconvenient for you. The roofing contractor will climb up onto their ladder and carefully stroll around your roof during an inspection.

They will inspect every visible component of the roof to ensure that it is in functioning condition, including the shingles, flashing, valleys, gutters, sealants, during an inspection and damage indications.

Replacements And Repairs

Your roof inspection in the autumn may have shown that it needs repairs or perhaps replacement. The sealant on shingles may be affected by colder temperatures.

Ask the roofing contractor how they will guarantee that your new shingles receive enough sun to seal correctly if you have a repair or shingle replacement in the autumn. You need to select a new shingle type that will better survive your climatic conditions depending on the issue that wore out your previous roof.

Examine The Insulation And Ventilation In The Attic

In the following months, the cold will increase significantly. Good attic insulation and appropriate attic ventilation are two of the most essential methods to keep warm, save money on utilities, and preserve the integrity of your roof. Insulation keeps heat in, saving you money on your heating bill.

Insulation keeps the surface of your shingles cooler, which stops ice dams and the resulting damage. Have a roofing expert inspect your insulation and ventilation, especially if you had an ice dam last year, and let you know whether it needs to be replaced. They may also advise you to add extra ice and water protection during the construction of a new roof to avoid ice dam damage.

Your roofing expert may use this time in your attic to check for indications of leaks and animal infestation, as well as inspect your attic ventilation. Moisture may escape your attic via ventilation. Moisture may build up in your attic and condense on different surfaces if your attic has inadequate ventilation. The ensuing water may harm your home’s structure or other components.

What Happens During An Attic inspection? 

Previously, attics were easily accessible. Pulling the hatch was all that was required. However, if your house was built recently, it may be more difficult for a roofing expert to get access to your attic.

The entrance point is most often in the master bedroom or possibly the master bedroom closet. Furthermore, the first time you open the attic access point, it makes a bit of a mess. Some vacuuming may be necessary after the job.

The chaos is worth it! Keeping your attic insulation and ventilation in excellent working condition may help you stay warm this winter and stop ice dams on your roof.

Prepare Your Roof For The Next Winter Season

Take care of your roof with these winter roofing tips. It is important that you take some time every fall to prepare your roof for winter, especially if you live somewhere where your roof will encounter snow and ice and freezing temperatures. You don’t want to notice these winter roofing issues too late and cause damage to your roof!

When the temperature drops and the cole weather kicks in, you know who to call! Modern Roof Co is the roofing company you need to protect your home from the cold weather. Whether you need roof maintenance tips, some repair help such as roof leaks or clearing tree limbs, or a full roof replacement, we know what we are doing.

This time and effort guarantee that your roof is in good working order and that minor issues are identified before they become significant issues. Contact Modern Roof Co. to schedule a professional inspection before winter comes.


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