Residential roofing and preventing roof damage aren’t at the forefront of many homeowner’s minds.

Yet, the roof above your head plays an enormous role in ensuring the health and safety of you and your loved ones.

Your roof protects your family from the elements. So, making sure it’s in good condition and keeping on top of any maintenance is vitally important.

If you want peace of mind that your roof is up to the job of protecting your family, here are some tips that’ll come in handy:

Tips For Maintaining Your Roof

No homeowners want roof damage, but many don’t know the first thing about preventing a lot of the routine deterioration.

Residential roofing repair may sound daunting, but it’s really not. There are some simple. everyday steps you can take to strengthen the durability of your roof and increase its lifespan – especially during heavy storm seasons.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Cleaning your gutters is not just a punishment for a teenager in a 1960s sitcom! This chore is actually quite important to the upkeep of your roof.

When gutters are not cleaned regularly, dirt and debris can build-up, forcing water into the lower layers of your roof and causing water damage.

In places with frequent rain and snowstorms, cleaning gutters before and after winter is a must to prevent damage.

Chimney Upkeep

Chimney upkeep does not get the attention it deserves. Older brick chimneys can drastically damage your roof without proper care.

Get into the habit of checking your chimney for cracked mortar or loose bricks. If you spot any weakness, have it fixed asap to prevent bricks from falling and damaging your roof.

Shingle Safety

Shingle Safety

If your home has a shingle roof, remember to look out for any damaged shingles, missing shingles, or signs of shingles working their way loose – especially after high winds.

The longer you wait to replace missing shingles, the longer your roof is at increased exposure to storm damage and weathering.

Before storm season begins, cleaning your shingles with a mixture of water and bleach will decrease the spread of fungal growth, too.

Trim Yard Trees

As a rule of thumb, never leave overhanging branches near your roof. Before you know it, a burst of high winds can push that branch right into your roof.

The cost of trimming trees is typically a lot lower than the cost of repairing tree damage to a roof. If you live in an area that goes through hurricane seasons, it’s a must.

Check for Leaks

A visible leak coming into your home is always going to make you take action. You need to proactively look for leak roofs to catch a leak before it gets that bad though.

It’s in your best interest to get into your attic every month or so and just do a quick spot check looking for any signs of dampness or other obvious signs that you have a leaky roof.

Inspecting Your Roof For Damage

If you’re serious about maintaining your roof, you need to create an inspection routine. This means walking around your property and regularly inspecting your roof every few months to evaluate your home and look for any signs of damage.

This is particularly important if you live in an area prone to storms and other heavy weather.

Rather than let issues reveal themselves to you, proactively appraise your property and stop future problems before it becomes too late.

Do I Need A Qualified Contractor?


To a homeowner’s untrained eye, a missing shingles or two could mean anything from a simple fix to a thousand dollar professional bill.

When performing any of the steps listed above, finding small issues or potential problems are great – you’ve already potentially saved yourself some money.

But it’s best you hand it over to a professional roofing contractor from there to make sure the damage is professionally inspected and safely repaired.

You can do this by calling the professionals here at Modern Roof Co to schedule a free consultation.

After our expert team inspects your home, we’ll give you a competitive estimate and a promise that we’ll carry out the work to the highest standard.

Preventing Roof Damage – Get Your Roof Inspection Today

Unfortunately, watching a YouTube tutorial does qualify to properly assess damage as a homeowner. Attempting to fix damage without the proper training can end up harming your home even more, increasing your bill later on.

Not only will we assess and inspect your home, but we are also experts at residential roofing repair, tear-off, and re-roofing services.

Whether you need an inspection, repair, or a full roofing replacement, Modern Roof Co has got you covered.

With over 50 years of residential roofing experience under our belt, our roofing specialists will inspect your home and establish a plan of action to make your home safer than before.


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