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The commercial roof pitch is an essential factor when planning a roof. The pitch is the slope or slant of a roof, and it usually affects how snow and water slide off your commercial property. At Modern Roof CO, we offer roofing installation for every roof type in Cherry Creek, CO, and we carefully evaluate your commercial roof pitch during planning. We consider the appearance you want, the cost, and the maintenance required. The commercial roof pitch can determine your maintenance cost over time, so it's vital to consider it significantly before beginning the project.

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Get a Quality Flat Roof in Cherry Creek, CO

Our flat roofs are popular in Cherry Creek, CO due to their affordability. Despite being durable enough to last for decades, maintenance costs remain typically low. Our flat roofs have a slight 10 degree pitch, allowing water and snow to drain. Not to mention, their easy and quick to install on commercial buildings. When it comes time to choose the right roof for your Cherry Creek, CO property, be sure to turn to our team of professionals.

Durable Low Slope Roofs for Cherry Creek, CO Customers

A low slope roof measures at an angle of 14 degrees. A higher pitch allows for more significant drainage, making things easier during the wet seasons. Our low slope roofs are common in Cherry Creek, CO establishments such as factories, warehouses, and even apartment complexes. Join these Cherry Creek, CO businesses and experience all the benefits that come with installing our top quality low slope roof type.

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Steep Slope Roofing Available in Cherry Creek, CO

Not many Cherry Creek, CO business owners realize the weight snow can have on your roof. If the weather becomes too excessive, you can often find your roof sustaining irreversible damage. However, with our steep slope roof resting at a 26.6 degree angle, this helps to ensure any snow and rain is simply sliding off. With the help of our Cherry Creek, CO team, you can leave behind your roofing worries and get back to what really matters: your business.

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